Metropolian Marathon

Metropolis Marathon



1. Partners and co-organisers of the marathon:

  • The City of Toruń
  • The City of Bydgoszcz
  • Marshal’s Office of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship
  • The District of Zławieś Wielka
  • The District of Dąbrowa Chełmińska
  • The District of Łubianka
  • The Polish Teachers’ Union (Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego)

2. Date and course of the marathon:

  • The race will tale place on Sunday, 15 th of may 2011 with start in Bydgoszcz at 10:00 and finish in Toruń.
  • The course of the marathon runs along the main road from Bydgoszcz to Toruń (road No 80.)
  • The course is attested according to the rules of AIMS/IAAF and measures 42.195km.
  • There will be kilometre markers placed every kilometre with the numbers of kilometres ran.
  • The surface is made of asphalt.
  • The course is flat.
  • The marathon runs partly with held up traffic and partly with restricted traffic.
  • Time measurements are made using timing chips (electronic time measuring).

3. Nutrition and refreshment points:

  • There will be 8 nutrition and refreshment points along the course (at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 km). If need be stands with water.
  • Bananas, chocolate, Powerade and mineral water will be prepared for the runners at nutrition points.
  • A nurse will be present at every nutrition point who if necessary will provide medical help,
  • An emergency vehicle with a doctor will be present on the course during the marathon.
  • the finish line the runners will receive a meal.

4. Time limit is 6 hours, 3 hours at halfway point.

  • Starting number will be taken away from persons who exceed the time limit and they will be able to continue the marathon at their own decision, but outside the road and at own responsibility. Such runners will not be classified in the marathon.

5. Participation:

  • The competitors who until 15.05.2011 attained 18 years of age (date of birth is decisive) and paid the entrance fee can take part in the marathon.
  • In order to ensure complete and reliable classification of the marathon (in all classifications and categories) and other runs all competitors have to be verified in the Marathon’s Organization Office. Details concerning the opening hours of the office will appear later on the organiser’s website.
  • During the process of verification, the competitors will have to have:
    • Identity card or passport to check their date of birth and address,
    • Doctor’s certificate allowing them to take part in the run or, in case of its lack, written statement of the competitor about starting on his own responsibility

6. Categories of the Bydgoszcz – Toruń Metropolis Marathon:

  • general men
  • general women
  • in age categories:
    • women and men 18: 18 – 29 years,
    • women and men 30: 30 – 39 years,
    • women and men 40: 40 – 44 years,
    • women and men 45: 45 – 49 years,
    • women and men 50: 50 – 54 years,
    • women and men 55: 55 – 59 years,
    • women and men 60: 60 – 64 years,
    • women and men 65: 65 – 69 years,
    • women and men 70: 70 years and more.
  • in line skaters categories and wheelchair athletes:
    • Prizes in kind for I places.

Moreover the organizers ensure:

  • a unique medal,
  • drawing attractive prizes among all the people who finished the marathon (separate drawings), including the main prize – a valuable prize in kind!

7. You can apply for the participation in the Metropolis Marathon and other races:

  • online – on an online form
  • personally at the Marathon Office in places and times given below
  • via telephone, under the Association’s phone number /in Polish and English/

The Marathon Office till  13. may  2011 is in Toruń. On the 14 and 15of May the Office will be in Torun  at the Plac Ratuszowy Square

8. Starting fee per person:

  • 1st deadline: till 31st March 2010 – 20 EURO
  • 2nd deadline: till 31st May 2010 – 30 EURO
  • after 31st May entry fee increases to 50 EURO

Fees will not be returned. Marathon director is entitled to grant personal fee exemptions for participants.

9. Prizes in the Bydgoszcz-Toruń Metropolis Marathon:

  • in the general category for places 1-10 (will be published soon)
  • in the women category for places 1-5 (will be published soon)

(NOTE: the prizes will be transferred to the account of the runner within 3 weeks from the race day, excluding persons taking doping tests. They will receive the money after a negative doping test result)

Skaters categories and wheelchair athletes: prizes in kind for places from 1 to 3

Moreover the organizers provide:

  • a unique medal
  • drawing of attractive prizes among all the people who finished the marathon (separate drawings), including the main prize – a valuable prize in kind!

10. Special attractions for marathon participants

  • Pasta party with the members of local authorities on the eve of the race.
  • Running shirt of a well-known brand.
  • Pacemakers running for: 3.00; 3.30; 4.00; 4.30; 5.00.
  • SPORT-EXPO – sport clothing and equipment fair.

11. Final rulings

  • The organizer ensures medical care on the course and at the finish line of the marathon.
  • During the race all participants must have start numbers received from the organizer fixed on their shirts on the chest. It is inadmissible that the starting number shall be covered, partially or wholly, under the pain of disqualification.
  • The runners must observe the rules of right-hand traffic during the run.
  • In line skaters are obliged to wear HELMETS and SHOULDER/ELBOW PATCHES!
  • The run will take place no matter what the weather conditions are. The organizer may call-off the race due to special circumstances.
  • Written protests are accepted by the Marathon’s Office at the finish line, within half an hour from arriving of the given runner at the finish line. The deposit is 100 zloty. The return of the deposit takes place only if the protest is positively examined. Protests will be examined within one hour from the moment of their submission.
  • Interpretation of this Rules shall be made by the Marathon’s Organization Office.
  • The participants of the marathon are obliged to obey the rules of AIMS, Polish Athletics Association (PZLA) and this set of rules.
  • The organizer restricts the right to change the rules and will inform of this on his website:

12. Additional races in the scope of the Metropolis Marathon

  • Information will soon be published on the marathon website.
  • Additional races have their own separate rules.

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